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One of the main objectives of the American Association of Japanese University Women (AAJUW) is to assist the advancement of women through education. In order to achieve this goal, the AAJUW has been offering scholarships to outstanding female college students each year since the organization was founded in 1970. The fund for scholarships is raised by the members conducting various activities (see Activity Section for details) and donations from individuals and organizations supporting our goals. The amount of scholarship per recipient is $2,000 for 2014.

Summary of Recipients - 1974 through 2014
I.  Total number of recipients to date106
II.  Total monetary amount given$89,200
III.  Universities/colleges represented:
UC Berkeley11
UC San Diego6
Other UCs8
CSU Northridge4
Other CSUs11
Private universities12
Out of state (accepted until 1993)5
IV.  Fields of study:
Japanese Language and Culture13
East Asian Studies4
Sociology/Social Welfare6
Film, Cinema, TV5

The scholarships are awarded to one to three students once a year depending on the availability of fund and qualified candidates. For the application form and the specifics of the scholarship, please click here. If you have any question, please click here to email your questions.

Home Scholarship History Membership Activities
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